113 E Church St, Savoy IL 61874
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Professional Pet Training and Kennel Boarding in Savoy Illinois
Whether your pet needs to be looked after for a few hours or several days, TailWaggers Pet Chateau can serve you. Our kennel in Savoy, IL, is designed to be safe and welcoming for your pets. Your pet will receive optimal care as close to the care they receive at home as possible until you return.

TailWaggers Pet Chateau provides a safe and clean pet boarding option to make every pet owner feel confident with what we offer. Call today to speak to a pet professional on our staff.

Our facility has central heat and air conditioning in our boarding area to maintain our guests' comfort throughout the year.


Our roomy indoor/outdoor suites allow your dog the opportunity to enjoy safe haven from the elements while providing ample room outdoors to exercise and eliminate while sniffing the country breezes. Your pet will have the opportunity to visit his outside run 8 - 10 times during the business day. (This may be adjusted during periods of extreme weather).

An additional option for exercising your pet is to add PlayGrounds or any of our other activities during his stay.


At TailWaggers, we offer a choice of either providing your own food from home (which we highly recommend) or feeding your pet our standard diet. The included diet is a meat-based food similar but not exactly like Iams. If your dog has allergies or any other special diet, they may have a difficult time with the transition.

Our main feeding times are breakfast and dinner, however we try to keep your dog as close to his regular schedule as we can. Please don't hesitate to ask if your feeding schedule at home differs.

All meals are provided at no additional cost to you.

TailWaggers offers afternoon "cookie" breaks. We feel the more conversation and interaction your pet receives the happier he will be. If your pet has dietary restrictions, allergies, or just prefers a specific sort of treat, you are welcome to bring in treats from home.


Water is available at all times and fully refreshed twice daily.

Toys and Bedding

You are encouraged to bring toys and bedding for your pet with the following limitations in mind:

Please make sure that all toys and bedding are washable and dry-able.

Sometimes, even the most fastidiously clean pet has an accident and we can't be held responsible for special or heirloom toys and blankets.

Sometimes your dog may share his toy or blanket with a neighbor. Although we try to keep items with the proper guest, sometimes swaps occur, and it may happen that your pet's toy or bedding may get chewed on by another pet or by the pet himself. No feather pillows, please. Most dogs can't resist a good feather-flying pillow shake.

TailWaggers Pet Chateau reserves the right to refuse toys we feel may pose a hazard to your pet's safety.


In Illinois, we are lucky to have a very caring Department of Agriculture, concerned with the quality of pet care at kennels. As a licensed kennel, we are required to maintain records that every guest is up to date on their rabies shots and has had the Distemper combination shot which includes immunization against the most deadly canine diseases.

We recommend you speak with your vet about Bordatella, an upper respiratory virus that can be immunized against as well as canine influenza. Our guests are not required to have these vaccinations but your vet may feel that it is important for your dog to be protected if there are outlying health factors or suceptibility.


Only healthy, noncontagious animals will be boarded. However, many dogs take preventative medications. There is a daily fee for the administering of medication. Current pricing is a fee of $2.00 per day for dogs who receive oral medication. Higher fees may be assessed for non-oral medication or therapy services your dog may require.

If your dog food is found to have a medication of any kind included in the packed kibble, this will be removed and administered at the standard cost. In addition we will apply a $10 service fee to your bill. It is important for the safety of all boarded animals that we administer medication directly and therefore cannot have it included with their kibble.