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TailWaggers believes that dogs are happiest when they know where they fit into their human-pack. Even if your dog is never bound for the competition ring, you and your dog will both enjoy a more fruitful relationship you can establish through training courses.

A lot of dogs need to have a job in which they can engage their minds and bodies. Keeping them productively engaged will help prevent a lot of destructive behavior from frustrated or bored dogs in your home.

TailWaggers currently offers training in Agility, Obedience, and Puppy Agility Development classes. We are happy to give referrals to trainers for other venues that we do not offer here, such as tracking, herding, protection sports & lure coursing.

Our classes are for basic beginners as well as more advanced trainers. If you've never owned or trained a dog or if you have competed with your dog, our classes can help you fulfill your dreams.

Our philosophy is to develop a working partnership between you and your dog based on mutual trust and respect, not fear. We want to see happy willing partners working together for a common goal. We are familiar with clicker training, food rewards, and training in drive. We use methods that will work for the individual dog, not a cookie cutter class where everyone must train the same way and in the same time frame. We will bring in additional instructors and go on field trips if that is needed to accomplish the goals of our students and classes.

Course List

ALL classes are 4-week sessions to better fit your schedule.
Professional Pet Training Services in Savoy Illinois
Friendly Pet Training Services in Savoy Illinois

Companion/Puppy Manners

This course is offered in two sections:

12 weeks-6 months *requires at least two booster shots completed by the start of the course: This course is structured to help your new pet understand their role in your lives and your role in theirs. Basic concepts such as leash walking, crate training, socialization, and daily care are included along side the obedience starters such as sit, down, heeling, and introduction to clicker training.

6 months +: This course is structured a little differently each time depending on the students in the class. The information covered can range from learning to connect with your new pet to owners who have had their pet for years but struggle to communicate as well as they would like. The coursework covers everything in the 12wk-6mo class. Since the dogs have better focus, there will frequently be time at the end of the course for introduction to other "games" such as obedience, agility, or CGC (Canine Good Citizen) skills.

Private Training

Offered both in home as well as on site here, private training can help with owners experiencing acute issues with otherwise trained dogs. This is ideal for dogs who are having behavioral issues such as, poor leash manners, jumping up, poor social skills, poor focus, etc. We strive to provide the tools you need to facilitate open communication between you and your pet.

Agility Basic Beginners A & B

(for puppies and dogs at least 7 months old)
Designed to introduce dogs (and handlers) to agility equipment. Course focus is on skills and confidence building exercises.

Dog Obedience Beginners (Sub-novice) A & B

(for puppies and dogs at least 6 months old)
Foundation class for obedience work, and basic companion animal skills. Will include recall, walking on lead, sits, downs and stay exercises. These courses will cover the foundation skills required for earning an AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate.

Advanced levels of Obedience, Conformation, and Agility Classes available upon request

Please reach out directly if you are interested in placement in a more advanced level than those listed here.